Expert Partners

‘Active Therapy South’

Matt & Naomi Mellor
Body Maintenance & Injury Care

Active Therapy South are a leading Bournemouth based company, driving change in the way that we care for our bodies, by offering a combined and integrated approach to musculoskeletal health. Their approach is based on the ‘Triple S’ system:

Straighten: Gentle chiropractic techniques are for structural alignment. 
Soft Tissue: Sports massage therapy to break down any adhesions or scar tissue.
Strengthen: Strengthening exercises will be most effective once the body is balanced to begin with. The strengthening programme contains simple and focused exercises to improve strength and movement awareness.

Our Partnership

We are so pleased to be working with Matt and Naomi. Their approach is unparelled as leading experts in injury treatment and prevention. As part of our partnership, they will be bringing the following to the Gym:

  • Free Injury & posterural assessment events
  • Online self treatment & support videos
  • Personal Programmes
  • Live Q&A’s

‘Nutrition Francesca’

Francesca Moore
Our Expert Nutrition Partner

Francesca Moore, is a registered Nutritional Therapist with her own clinic based in Poole. With an ethos close to our heart, Francesca, practises a ‘functional medicine’ approach to healthcare by helping clients identify and address the root cause of their health concerns. This personalised and evidence-based approach enables you to restore balance and promote health using food, alongside an improved lifestyle, as medicine. Francesca earned a foundation degree and diploma in nutritional therapy at the world-renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London in 2013 and went on to complete the IFM’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.

Our Partnership

Francesca is working with us and our clients, bringing a wealth of experise and knowledge. Dependent on the membership package, she works with us on the following programmes:

  • 21 Day New Year Cleanse
  • 7 Day Cleanse Programmes
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Personalised Programmes
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