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What I love about Train Elite is the strong community feeling it has. Most people know each other and people have even made friends with others socially from being members. An important aspect is of course the training and workouts. Whatever level you are at physically, you are challenged and supported. The trainers offer excellent advice and guidance – yes the workouts are tough, but you reap the benefits by being mentally and physically strong and fit. Most importantly – its fun, we have a laugh and its great to train with your mates. A positive, holistic environment that I would recommend to anyone.e you get here whether it be meeting goals, continuing training on an injury or tweaking nutrition there is just so much knowledge and help! It’s definitely not just fitness, this is a community where I’ve made lovely friends who just make it an even more enjoyable experience. I love being part of this gym’.


‘I’m only at the beginning of my fitness journey and yet I’ve felt so welcome by all members and trainers alike. I have loved getting to know everyone, the trainers are all fantastic, knowledgable and supportive regardless of your fitness level. The sessions are hard work but so rewarding and it pays off with quick results both physically and mentally. I love the atmosphere, the banter and variety on offer, each trainer has a different approach so there is always something new to challenge you! I’ve loved every minute so far and cannot recommend it highly enough. I’ve found a passion I never knew existed and feel so much more positive as a result’.


Train Elite is not a gym, it’s a way of life.
With Train Elite you get so much variety in classes, adaptable intensity of training, knowledgeable friendly trainers, amazing community spirit, professional advice & support on nutrition, exercise and general will being. Everything is focussed towards helping each member achieve their own specific goals. Rob and his team really take the time to understand every individual’s needs rather than a one method fits all approach to training.
In addition to the strength of the team is the strength of the members. An awesome crew of diverse, friendly, supportive and welcoming folks who make training fun every day.
I no longer think of Train Elite as my gym. Instead it is my second home and I would be lost without it’.


‘Where do I start?! Train elite has changed my whole outlook on fitness and nutrition! Not to mention hugely helped me with mental well-being and confidence. I have never stuck to a gym or trained so regularly as the last 2 years and quite frankly I’m addicted! I’m so grateful for all the advice you get here whether it be meeting goals, continuing training on an injury or tweaking nutrition there is just so much knowledge and help! It’s definitely not just fitness, this is a community where I’ve made lovely friends who just make it an even more enjoyable experience. I love being part of this gym’.

Case Studies

Case Study A

I am a mum of 4….I’ve had 1 caesarean and since a hysterectomy. I had wobbly bits, cellulite, stretch marks and saggy belly skin. Big shout out to all at train elite for the motivation and encouragement to push myself beyond my comfort zone (which to be fair, was just a little above zero to begin with!) these are my 4 month results. I realise I am very much a work in progress but if you’re reading this and haven’t yet joined the gym….DO IT! You will not regret it…I’m now a self confessed fan of training, I LOVE the endorphins you get when you’re covered in sweat following a hard session, the DOMS from pushing yourself and the atmosphere of training with other like minded people.
So….get off the fence, and come and join, it will be the best decision you ever make .’

Case Study C

This is a really tough one to post but I wanted to shout out to Rob Cooke and Zoe Letts for supporting not only a huge transformation but also a mindset shift. Beginning of lockdown my wedding was cancelled and I ate everything, literally. When I got to the point where only stretchy stuff fit, realised I needed to get my lazy arse in gear and stop wallowing. So anyway, enough woe is me, first two sets of pictures were the difference in my first 4 weeks going it alone. The middle and last set is the difference in TWO WEEKS. The only thing I have done different is PT with Rob twice a week and in person bootcamp. Rob, you are a miracle worker and Zoe I wouldn’t be here without watching you sweat with me every morning!’

Case Study B

‘Feeling chuffed today! These shorts on the right I remember feeling so depressed and down because they were super tight and cutting in to me. I can’t even show how baggy they are on my thighs as well as my waist. I know a week or two ago I did my work uniform weight loss, but even between the time in these two photos (and this may only be me over analysing) I feel my abs are formed and flatter and I’m starting to get shape on my arms, This is just fuelling me to keep pushing harder as I still have a long way to go! I wanted to thank you both Rob Cooke and Zoe Letts because I honestly wouldn’t have even got here without you both. You’ve made me fall in love with fitness again and I just want to keep going!! So please keep shouting at me because I need to be looking like Jlo in a bikini in approx 9 weeks‘.


‘Train Elite is more than just a gym, it’s a family ❤ every single person is rooting for each other, supporting each other to reach their goals. I can honestly say it has been my happy place and training with this amazing bunch has helped me so much in my life, not just in strength of body but in mind too. Every trainer has their own speciality and the range of classes will ensure you are kept on your toes, have lots of variety and get a really great workout! Highly reccomend to anyone wishing to start or continue their fitness journey and have fun at the same time!’


‘I love Train Elite because it feels like family. Everyone smiles as you come in; no ‘in’ crowd here. The classes are fun, intense and often sweaty! The whole vibe is encouraging and you never feel like you’re the only person struggling as someone will always catch your eye and smile, giving you a boost to carry on and push yourself. The trainers and classes are all so different and this adds to the appeal!


‘Train elite is so friendly. Trainers are fantastic they encourage, beast you and are always there for advice and support. No day is the same. I have trained with train elite for a few years and never looked back. There is no gym like it
I love it and have made some good friends from it


‘What I love about Train Elite is the sense of friendship and community. No-one is judged, it doesn’t matter if you’re male / female, old / young, fat / thin we’re all there for one purpose to get fit. The trainers push you but you have a laugh at the same time. I was never an exercise or gym person, I would feel intimidated by other gyms but now I actually enjoy (?!) going and have made some fantastic friends along the way.


‘Your Train Elite journey isn’t just about fitness. Physical health and diet are vital to achieve your goals and they have it all covered . So much advise and support available and a core team that are genuine , honest and supportive ! You know exactly where you are with train elite and you want to be there. If you love what you do, it rubs off and with these guys it certainly does .

Matt & Naomi

‘I love going to train elite and here’s why. All my life I’ve hated the gym and the insecurities you get by other people staring at you or the risk your doing it wrong. At train elite everyone is so supportive and the vibe is encouraging. Everyone is doing the same as you and has thier own personal goals, which our trainers dedicate thier time to help you achieve. They acknowledge any injuries and adjust accordingly. Their knowledge is second to none and every time I walk through the door you get a huge welcome and not just another number on the list. I would never change my gym now and so pleased I found this community‘.


‘Train Elite is not your average gym, it’s friendly, fun and a true sense of community. Doesn’t matter what class you go to, everyone will talk to you and support you. The classes are all different, lots of variety and you never leave without knowing you have done a tough workout which is what it’s all about.
The trainers are fantastic, absolutely experienced and so so supportive!


I love the community, the fact that it’s serious when you need to push yourself but you can have such a laugh too with the trainers. You get pushed to your limit as they begin to know your strength. If you’ve had a bad day It lifts your mood and you come out feeling so happy! And absolutely no judgement!


This is not an ordinary gym! It’s the only place that I have kept coming to consistently for more than 2 years because of the sense of community, the commitment and variety of the trainers and the awesome friends I have made that I train with. I can not recommend it enough!


This is why I don’t leave
love the environment and variety that this gym provides My starting weight was tipping just under 12 stone
I was a broken person when I started 2 years ago I was depressed extremely overweight unfit and desperately unhappy hadn’t been that way for a long time I was like this for lots of reasons but gradually my confidence my personality is finally coming back. I’m now around 9 and 1/2 I hve some way to go but I know that is my diet. There is quite often stigma with women wanting to lift weights as there are not many here is a different story definitely my motivation. Love the trainers and the different styles that they adopt, their personalities are all different so if one doesn’t do it for you there are plenty of others that you will click with but that won’t happen. There are no quick fixes just hard work but the support you get along the way is unmentionable as they work just as hard to get you where you need to go. Do I salut you all for everything you do
Thank you


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