We are a small team but with an absolute powerhouse of talent, expertise and experience. We all love what we do, and we do it with an unrivalled passion, dedication and commitment to our Members. We each bring variety, dynamism and fun to the sessions, and all against a backdrop of exceptional qualifications and accreditations.

Rob Cooke

Owner, Train Elite and Trainer

‘I am a dedicated, results-based  Trainer, and I am passionate about and motivated by changing people’s lives for the better, supporting them through, not only a structured training programme, but all aspects of diet, nurition, wellbeing and personal development. I have over 20 years experience as a leading instructor and personal trainer. My dream has been to always own my own gym, and realise my vision, so I am excited to be able to bring this to fruition through Train Elite. I am particuarly committed to continuing to learn and develop new skills and disciplines to bring exciting new programmes to the gym, and always to strive for the best quality and standard of training, and that of my colleagues’.

Level 4 Qualified Personal Trainer
Kettle Bell Instructor
TRX Instructor
Metafit Instructor

Favourite exercise: All the ones members like the least! Burpee is one of them!
Least favourite: Lunges
Fitness mantra: ‘Small changes add up to huge results’
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: Overweight
Why do you love what you do:Helping people become better versions of themselves’.

Lisa Kelly


Hey, My name’s Lisa and I am a personal trainer level 3 and a group exercise instructor. I started my journey back in 2015 after my second child.I wanted to challenge myself and become a personal trainer and it’s the best decision I have every made! I have 2 boys age 9 and 6. I love what I do which I don’t class as a job as I enjoy it so much, I enjoy seeing and making people feel so strong inside and out. I am very passionate about my own training aswell as yours. I enjoy functional training and I am always leading from the front. I work hard with members/clients to reach their goals and to be the best version of themselfs. It’s never too late to start your journey!’

Level 2 and 3 personal trainer Spinning
Les mills Sprint and GRIT
Kettlebells Circuits

Favourite exercise: ‘Of course, burpees! Who doesnt’t love a burpee?’.
Least favourite: ‘Running!’
Fitness mantra: ‘Set goals and then demolish them
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: ‘Still be searching for my dream job’
Why do you love what you do:I love going through someone else’s journey with them and seeing them grow to a better version’

Mirna Yatim


‘I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor. Boxing/Kickboxing/Thai Boxing Coach. 1 year experience in Karate and Green belt. I teach a variety of classes including ladies only Kickboxing, Pure Weights, Mixed Cardio and Weights sessions and Personal Training of course.

What I love in my job is seeing my clients achieve their goals and change their lifestyle habits and body shape, but most importantly learning to believe in themselves and know that nothing is impossible.

I got into fitness doing kickboxing and Karate after having my 2nd child. I just loved the fact that I’m a woman but yet I can learn to throw a good solid punch and kick and learn a few skills to be able to protect myself whilst keeping fit. besides, the after feeling of a good workout mentally and physically is second to none!’

Favourite exercise: ‘Kickboxing as it’s great for mental health and I always feel great afterwards. I love weightlifting in general because you truly can change and mould your body to any shape you like with a good consistent diet and training!’
Least favourite: ‘I have learnt that disliking a particular exercise only makes me think I can’t do it so therefore I give everything my absolute best!’
Fitness mantra: My mantra has and always will be “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: ‘”I’d be an air hostess if I weren’t a PT”
Why do you love what you do:I lam always leading from the front. I work hard with members/clients to reach their goals and to be the best version of themselfs. It’s never too late to start your journey!’

Michelle Westhorpe


‘I never expected my fitness journey to bring me to being a trainer but I’m so excited it has. I have a genuine enthusiasm for everything ‘movement’. From getting out in nature – hiking, trekking mountains, paddle boarding or simply going for a run to bashing out a HIIT session or lifting weights. My love of exercise and appreciation of the world we live in has brought me down a path that sees me writing this for you today! I am massively motivated by fitness challenges and the fact they connect me with new people and give me an opportunity to encourage and boost others is the icing on the cake!

Active IQ level 2 diploma
YMCA HIIT training

Favourite exercise: ‘Donkey Kicks!’
Least favourite: ‘Jump lunges’
Fitness mantra: ‘Your mind is your biggest obstacle when you believe you can do something anything is possible”
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: ‘”Just doing what I do really, up a mountain maybe!”
Why do you love what you do:I’m a natural people person and love nothing more than help others to achieve goals they never thought possible and a mindset they never knew they could have!’

Luke Jones-Dowling

Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach

‘I have been interested in health and fitness from a very young age. I first qualified as a fitness instructor 2001. I have a very strong interest in nutrition and functional training. Have boxed at amateur level for Bournemouth ABA (padwork specialist) and a keen football and tennis player.. My reason for being in the industry is to help people become the best versions of themselves and I truly believe I have the knowledge and skills to do so. I am passionate about  training, it teaches me so much about myself”.
Premier active IQ level 3 fitness instructor and personal trainer
Premier IQ level 2 diploma in fitness instructor 
Metafit class instructor 
YMCA boxing padwork for PT’sActive IQ
level 2 instructor studio cycling
FA level 1 football coach 

Favourite exercise: Pull up
Least favourite: Marathons
Fitness mantra: ‘The work doesn’t do itself’
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: Scuba instructor
Why do you love what you do:I love helping people feel good about themselves and creating better lives’.

Claire Crowley

Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach

‘I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade, starting out as a gymnastics coach, and have spent many years teaching studio/ group exercise classes and personally training many individual clients for a wide range of health and fitness benefits. For the last 5 years I has been working abroad as a full time CrossFit coach, where I competed to a high level but most recently I have turned my focus to holisitc health and nutrition to create happier, healthier lifestyles. I focus on all areas of health including sleep, stress and mindfulness on top of fueling the body with good nutrition and strength and conditioning training.

Favourite exercise: Toes to Bar
Least favourite: Assult Bike
Fitness mantra: ‘Progress not perfection. Or, squats low, standards high’
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: ‘Social Worker or Mental Health Nurse’.
Why do you love what you do:To empower people to build strength and resilience to take long term care of their health and well-being. I like to educate, and inspire people to live happier, healthier lives’.

Sean Toomey


‘Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee Sean Toomey, I am an expert in the field of Muay Thai, K1, Boxing, Personal training, Strength and Conditioning, Functional training, Insanity and HIIT components! I have a lifetime of experience in sports and fitness, from competitive running in 10k and half marathon disciplines, semi pro footballer, Boxer and Thai boxer, Bikram Yoga 30 day Challenge completed, and numerous other sporting achievements! And I have been trainer to some of the UK’s best Muay Thai and K1 and MMA fighters, with many students going on to run their own successful academies. I am also a top promoter of over 100 fight events, including some of the biggest names in the World alongside being a boxing, K1 , Muay Thai and MMA judge and Referree!’

Premier level 3 personal Trainer
ABA Boxing Coach
Muay Thai Boxing Coach
WBC Muay Thai European Executive Officer

Favourite exercise: Burpees
Least favourite: Uphill Bunny Hops
Fitness mantra: ‘Go hard or go home!
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: Money Broker
Why do you love what you do:I love pushing people to their limits & seeing them achieve’

Roxy Cotton


‘Hey, I’m Roxy level 3 Personal Trainer, Strong First Certified Instructor and Kaatsu Specialist. Having been on a weight loss journey myself I know the struggles, not only reaching your goals but staying there too. I dropped 14 kg in weight, 12% body fat and dropped 4 dress sizes from a 14 to an 8. I am extremely passionate about what I do, helping people overcome fears, lose weight, get fitter and stronger and improve nutrition. I look at it as a life changing experience, not just a short term fix, helping you live a better life for longer. I am also working with people recovering from injury with my Kaatsu Program. Reducing the injury recovery time and getting them back to ‘normality’ in half the time. I also have clients with multiple Sclerosis training with this system and building muscle and strength. I’m am also one of only three Instructors in the South to hold an SFG1 Certification, specialist kettlebell training and am working towards my Strong First bodyweight and barbell qualifications’.

Favourite exercise: Kettlebell swings and kettlebell.
Least favourite: Handstands
Fitness mantra: ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: Clown
Why do you love what you do:I love seeing people achieve things they thought were unachievable and changing their lives for the better’

Jo Hawkes

Yoga Instructor

‘I had my first taste of yoga at a young age playfully exploring Asana’s with my Grandmother throughout my Junior school years. It wasn’t until moving to Bournemouth in 2005 that I started attending regular Iyengar yoga classes, and then stumbled across my first Ashtanga class and was immediately hooked. Surprised at how stiff and inflexible my body was after many years as a competitive swimmer, I practiced regularly and was fascinated at how yoga helped to improve mystrength, balance and well-being as well as my performance in other sporting activities. In 2014 I completed my RYT200hr Teacher training under Brian Cooper, Scott Parsons & Helen McCabe and went on to complete my Pre & Postnatal Yoga teacher training in 2017 with Sally Parkes’.

Favourite exercise: Bear Plank
Least favourite: Burpee
Fitness mantra: ‘Breathe’
What would you be doing if you weren’t a trainer: MTB Guide in the mountains somewhere.
Why do you love what you do:I love how Yoga allows people to tune into their bodies and be more connected to their breath and movement’.

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