Welcome to Train Elite

Redefining Strength through Training, Nutrition and Community

376 Charminster Road, Bournemouth BH8 9SA

01202 017007

Train Elite is a brand new synergistic gym in Bournemouth, designed to improve physical & mental fitness through training, nutrition and a strong sense of community.

Our concept ‘Redefining Strength’, combines all the necessary pillars for optimum health & fitness, to completely change your lifestyle and your life, through Training, Nutrition, Physical Care & Maintenance, Emotional Balance and Wellbeing. Supported by nurturing a strong community, partnering with key experts, employing dedicated, experienced and passionate trainers and keeping you accountable, motivated, positive and feeling fantastic!


Reach your physical fitness peak. Focus and progression for your physical fitness and strength. Group training and individually. Classes to suit every goal, every fitness level and every enjoyment. We also work with locally respected experts Active Therapy South to give your body the best functionality, physically to get optimum performance throughout your training programme and preventing injury where possible.


Eat better. Eat well. The cornerstone of optimal health, strength and vitality, and an essential part of any training programme. Working with an expert in their field, we are able to support you with specific dietary guidance for personal goals, including targeted support whatever your age, life stage or lifestyle demands. We offer food and nutrition programmes, personal nutrition plans, plus on-going support, expert advice and education.


A sense of belonging. Join a group of like-minded individuals that come together, to advocate and support each other, share learnings, motivate and challenge each other, all with the simple goal of living a healthier, fitter and better life. Accountability, community and motivation to keep your mind positive and focused and help support your emotional wellbeing.