Outdoor Bootcamp and Special Offers!

Starting 29th March from 6.15am

With the easing of restrictions from Monday 29th March, (but indoor group classes unable to start until mid-May), we are going back outside! So why not join us? It’s great fun, we will work you hard, and there is nothing quite like training out in the fresh air and with a brilliant group of welcoming and supportive people. And if you haven’t done any exercise for a while, please don’t feel intimidated or ‘scared’. These classes are suitable for everyone at all levels of fitness. And we will support you completely and help you start and increase your ability over time!

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Times: 6:15am / 9:30am / 1:15pm / 6:00pm for 30 mins
Location: Howard Road, Bournemouth (Strouden Park).
Cost: £5 per 30 minute session.

No equipment needed. You must pay on the day in cash. Due to number restrictions you must book, please follow the link below
As numbers will be limited, if you are booked on please turn up or cancel 24 hrs in advance. That would be really appreciated!
Sessions will happen come rain or shine! So no excuses!



We would very much like to invite you find out more about Train Elite and introduce you to an incredibly supportive and motivating community of people. As our guest, and once the gym is re-opened, you will be entitled to try out 3 free classes at the Gym at times that will suit you. Once agreed you will be given access to our booking system to enable you to book your classes. Your 3 free sessions must be taken within 14 days of setting up your complimentary membership. Of course, there will be no obligation to join after your trial!

*excludes Strength & Conditioning and Pilates classes.


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