Who Are We

Bringing people together in a group training format, Train Elite offers a wide and exciting range of gym sessions and programmes, from low to high impact, weighted vs body weight sessions and strength & conditioning. As well as looking to improving flexibility for optimum performance with stretch & mobility classes, yoga and pilates.

With a diverse range of trainers, all with different styles but all with outstanding qualifications, experience and skills, Train Elite, brings variety, fun and a fast pace to guarantee something that you will love, and enjoyment while you train. And with the support of an incredibly inspiring and encouraging community behind you, you will, without question feel motivated and driven to achieve the goals you are striving for.

With simple but well developed Membership programmes to cater for every need, time constraint and budget, there really is no longer any justifiable excuse to not get to the gym!

“Train Elite is more than just a gym, it’s a family ❤ every single person is rooting for each other, supporting each other to reach their goals. I can honestly say it has been my happy place and training with this amazing bunch has helped me so much in my life, not just in strength of body but in mind too. Every trainer has their own speciality and the range of classes will ensure you are kept on your toes, have lots of variety and get a really great workout! Highly reccomend to anyone wishing to start or continue their fitness journey and have fun at the same time!.”


Train Elite
376 Charminster Road
Dorset BH8 9SA
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